Red para la Competitividad de las PyMes y el Desarrollo Sostenible, III Congreso Internacional de Investigación de la Red Radar | Colombia | 2018

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A systematic literature review of the User Innovation field
Sandra Jennina Sanchez, Alazne Mujika-Alberdi

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From the late 1970s onwards, a considerably body of literature related to user innovation has been published. Despite the increasing number of studies that have been conducted in user innovation during the last forty years, little attempt has been made to translate those findings systematically into a comprehensive review of current knowledge. The purpose of this study is to fill this gap, by providing a rigorous systematic literature review on the field of user innovation, thereby enhancing our understanding of the different user innovation streams.  The research provides a systematic review of the conceptual, analytical and empirical user innovation literature from 1970 to 2013. It follows the process of a systematic review in management research. Conceptual, analytical and empirical contributions have been progressively extended by scholars to several research streams: 1. Lead users; 2. Product – Service development; 3. Users´ role and types; 4. Online user communities; 5. Toolkits; 6. User entrepreneurship; 7. User innovation. In the same manner, several avenues of future research have opened to junior and senior researchers.

Palabras clave

user innovation, innovation by users, systematic review, lead users, user entrepreneuship.