Red para la Competitividad de las PyMes y el Desarrollo Sostenible, III Congreso Internacional de Investigación de la Red Radar | Colombia | 2018

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Development and validation of a scale for identifying User Innovators
Sandra Jennina Sanchez, Alazne Mujika-Alberdi

Última modificación: 2018-09-11


This paper aims to offer a reliable and valid scale to identify user innovators, who play a noteworthy role in innovation and are a valuable source of ideas. In the future, this study represents a significant input for managers in the identification of user innovators. Due to its cross-industrial approach, simplicity and practicality, this cross-market scale constitutes of a valuable measurement instrument that can be applied to regions with a varied level of development in order to identify user innovators. The instrument has surpassed a rigorous validity process and it have been tested in a sample of adult consumers in Bogotá, Colombia. Both an exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) were performed. The final scale includes twelve variables fit and represented in three constructs: User leadership, curiosity and creativity, and time and skills to develop products.

Palabras clave

instrument validation, user innovation, user innovators, innovation by users, validity